Virgin Sugar Cane Mulch



Our sugar cane mulch is made from the leaves of the sugar cane plant that is left on the ground after harvest. It provides organic matter to the soil, encourages earthworm activity which improves soil condition and is excellent to use on fruit trees and general gardens.  In years past \"cane trash\" was raked up and burnt but now this waste product is being used as a fertiliser all over australia.  In addition it has created a second income for the cane farmers which in the last few years has been needed and appreciated.  Isn\'t it great to know that by buying our products you are not only helping the environment but also the Australian Cane Farmers!


  • BFA -organically certified product

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Controls weeds and improves root growth

  • High moisture retention = less watering

  • Provides plant nutrition

  • Light in colour and texture

  • Medium length cut

  • Dust extracted for a cleaner product

  • 15-18 kg bag for value and convenience

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