No Mow Grass Zoysia Tenuifolia Sunshine Coast Garden Centre

No Mow Grass. A tropical spreading grass with fine, green foliage. Ideal for lawns and sloping banks as it requiries no mowing.

Scientific name: Zoysia Tenufolia   Availble in 100mm pots $6.00 

Species common name: Temple grass, Kourai grass, Korean/Japanese velvet grass, Mascarene grass.

Description: Densely growing dark green grass to a height of about 10 cm. Short, stiff leaf blades to 5 cm in length. High-thatching and slow-growing, gradually developing a 'puffy' appearance.

Use: As an untrafficked ground cover.


Heat: Excellent. Tolerant of heat and humidity.

Cold: Poor cold tolerance, the most 'tropical' of all the zoysias.

Shade: Poor tolerance to heavy shading. Tolerates mild shading, but prefers full sun.

Drought: Medium drought tolerance. Plants develop an extensive root system and conserve moisture by inrolling their leaves.

No Mow Grass. Zoysia TenufoliaNo Mow Grass. Zoysia Tenufolia in rock garden.
                ZOYSIA TENUFOLIA NO MOW GRASS 140mm pots $8.00
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