About Us

Rosemount Nursery and Garden Centre is one of the Sunshine Coasts premiere retail nurseries situated in a peaceful rural setting in a beautiful valley overlooking Petrie Creek it is just a short drive from Nambour and Maroochydore.

It is the only Garden Centre on the Sunshine Coast that grows a big percentage of the plants it sells, so you can be sure that the plants you buy are suitable for our conditions, unlike plants from some other nurseries that have brought plants here from down south.

The nursery was established in 1996 and has grown steadily ever since to become a complete Garden Centre.

Here you will find everything you need for your garden we stock a large range of plants that are suitable to grow on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. 

These consist of both native and exotic plants.

We offer a garden consultation service to help those who are not sure what to do and our friendly staff will assist you with your plant selection.

Listed below are product and services that we offer            

                                               ♦  Herbs   

                                               ♦  Vegetable seedlings

                                               ♦   Flower seedlings

                                               ♦   Native plants, trees, shrubs and ground covers

                                               ♦   Exotic plants

                                               ♦   Indoor plants

                                               ♦   Palms, Golden Cane, Foxtail, Cascade, Alexandrae.

                                               ♦   Fruit trees

                                               ♦  Dwarf fruit trees

                                               ♦  Roses

                                               ♦   Bromeliads

                                               ♦  Cacti and Succulents

                                               ♦  Bamboo

                                               ♦  Searles Garden Products

                                               ♦  Potting mixes and planting composts (bags only)

                                               ♦  Katek Organic Super Growth

                                               ♦  Earthlife Organic Products

                                               ♦ Troforte Organic Fertilizer

                                               ♦  Virgin Sugar Cane Mulch

                                               ♦  Teven Valley Tea Tree Mulch

                                               ♦  Mulches (bags or bales only)

                                               ♦  Fertilizers both organic and chemical

                                               ♦   Decorative stones and pebbles (bags only)

                                               ♦  Terracotta and glazed pots

                                                  Bonsai Pots

                                               ♦  Garden ornaments and bird baths

                                               ♦  Grass trees

  Garden consultation service

                                               ♦  Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

                                               ♦  Delivery service to Sunshine Coast area

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